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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Security Guard (non-armed)05/18/2022MaintenanceOperations & SecurityApply
Teacher, High School - Science (Physics)05/18/2022CertifiedC.E. King High SchoolApply
Campus Technology Specialist05/18/2022ClassifiedSheldon Network Operation CenterApply
Teacher, Elementary 3rd Grade05/17/2022CertifiedRoyalwood ElementaryApply
Textbook Clerk05/17/2022ClassifiedNey Administrative ComplexApply
High School - Campus Testing Coordinator05/17/2022CertifiedC.E. King High SchoolApply
Counselor - High School05/17/2022CertifiedC.E. King High SchoolApply
Curriculum Coordinator, Secondary English/Language Arts - Future Position05/16/2022AdministrativeNey Administrative ComplexApply
Associate Principal - 9th Grade Center05/16/2022AdministrativeC. E. King HS 9th Grade CenterApply
Assistant Principal, Elementary - Future Postion05/16/2022AdministrativeElementary SchoolsApply
Teacher, Middle School STEM Social Studies05/13/2022CertifiedC.E. King Middle SchoolApply
Teacher, 9th Grade STEM ELA05/13/2022CertifiedC.E. King High SchoolApply
Instructional Aide (campus support)05/13/2022ClassifiedSheldon Early Childhood AcademyApply
Instructional Aide - PreK BILINGUAL05/12/2022ClassifiedCravens Early Childhood AcademyApply
Instructional Aide - SPED05/11/2022ClassifiedCravens Early Childhood AcademyApply
Elementary - PEIMS Clerk05/11/2022ClassifiedSheldon ElementaryApply
Teacher, High School - Computer Science - 9th Grade Center05/11/2022CertifiedC. E. King HS 9th Grade CenterApply
Teacher, ART High School 9th Grade Center05/11/2022SecondaryC. E. King HS 9th Grade CenterApply
Teacher, High School - Math 9th Grade Center05/11/2022CertifiedC. E. King HS 9th Grade CenterApply
Campus Monitor - Middle School05/10/2022ClassifiedC.E. King Middle SchoolApply
Teacher, Middle School STEM Math05/10/2022CertifiedMichael R. Null Middle SchoolApply
Instructional Aide - SPED05/10/2022ClassifiedC.E. King High SchoolApply
Instructional Aide (campus support)05/09/2022ClassifiedSheldon Lake ElementaryApply
Office Clerk/Receptionist - ELEMENTARY SCHOOL05/09/2022ClassifiedSheldon Lake ElementaryApply
Special Education Teacher-Inclusion05/09/2022CertifiedSheldon Lake ElementaryApply
Teacher, Elementary 4TH grade05/09/2022CertifiedSheldon Lake ElementaryApply
Teacher, Elementary 1ST Grade- Bilingual05/09/2022CertifiedSheldon Lake ElementaryApply
Teacher, Elementary 1st-5th Grade- Bilingual05/09/2022CertifiedH.M. Carroll ElementaryApply
Teacher, Elementary 2ND grade05/09/2022CertifiedSheldon Lake ElementaryApply
Diagnostician05/05/2022CertifiedNey Administrative ComplexApply
Teacher, Elementary 5th grade Math/Science05/05/2022CertifiedRoyalwood ElementaryApply
Secretary to Assistant Principal/Counselor, Middle School05/04/2022ClassifiedMichael R. Null Middle SchoolApply
Teacher, High School - Chemistry05/02/2022CertifiedC.E. King High SchoolApply
Teacher, High School - Biology05/02/2022CertifiedC.E. King High SchoolApply
Teacher, Elementary 4th Grade05/02/2022CertifiedRoyalwood ElementaryApply
Licensed Specialist in School Psychology04/29/2022CertifiedNey Administrative ComplexApply
Instructional Aide - SPED04/28/2022ClassifiedSheldon Early Childhood AcademyApply
Special Education Teacher - ECSE04/28/2022CertifiedSheldon Early Childhood AcademyApply
Teacher, ART High School 9-1204/27/2022SecondaryC.E. King High SchoolApply
Teacher, High School - Business04/26/2022CertifiedC.E. King High SchoolApply
ELL Instructional Specialist - Secondary04/22/2022CertifiedNey Administrative ComplexApply
Instructional Aide - Behavior Intervention04/21/2022ClassifiedSheldon Early Childhood AcademyApply
AVID Teacher- 9th Grade Center04/20/2022CertifiedC. E. King HS 9th Grade CenterApply
Teacher, Elementary 1st grade04/19/2022CertifiedRoyalwood ElementaryApply
Secretary - Director of Research, Assessment and Data04/14/2022ClassifiedNey Administrative ComplexApply
Teacher, Elementary 1st-5th Grade- Bilingual04/13/2022CertifiedH.M. Carroll ElementaryApply
Elementary Teacher - Math Intervention04/12/2022CertifiedGarrett ElementaryApply
Campus Instructional Specialist - Elementary ELAR04/12/2022CertifiedGarrett ElementaryApply
Technology Applications Teacher - Middle School04/12/2022CertifiedMichael R. Null Middle SchoolApply
Teacher, Middle School - Math04/12/2022CertifiedMichael R. Null Middle SchoolApply